Lost In Translation

lost_in_translationI’ve been working on a little experiment for the past few months, one I started on February the 24th—I circled the date on my calendar.

In this blog, most of my articles are in English, although English isn’t my native language. I’m French, but as long as I can remember I always wrote in both French and English. I wrote short stories, little poems, half-finished scripts and pieces of dialogue, until I started writing full but small projects in English, mostly when I was living in England. I write in English because I like hearing it, using it and thinking in it.

I like it so much that I decided to challenge myself and translate my book into English.

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The no(es) along the way…

Once upon a time, I was sixteen and I wanted to be a writer. (I still do!) At that time, I only had one condition. Before getting published, I wanted an agent. (Not a common thing in France, although we slowly but surely are getting there.)

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